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Commercial Pest Control and Household Pest Control

Are you having trouble finding an exterminator or need professional pest control? Which Commercial Pest Control or Household Pest Control is the best of Hong Kong./ Would you like to recommend any pest control for me?

Dr.Clean Limited provides a wide range of physical control and minimum toxicity Commercial Pest Control and Household Pest Control, to help you eliminate a range of household pests, such as: bed bugs, psyllid, mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches (cockroaches), mice, flies, ants, etc. We locate in Hong Kong, which is Commercial Pest Control and Household Pest Control, has been serving at Home, Food & Beverage, Hotel, Office Building, Schools & Educational Institution, Warehouse, Leisure & Entertainment, etc. for many years.

Dr.Clean Limited provide regularly Commercial Pest Control and Household Pest Control training programs to enhance experts’ knowledge and skill, in order to provide the most comprehensive pest control company services to customers. If you are facing Commercial Pest or Household Pest problems, Dr.Clean is one of the most recommendation for you.

Dr.Clean’s pest control methods:

  1. Spraying pest control services:

    Inject the insecticide into the sprayer, and spray the insecticide on the ground through the application method, which will directly kill the pests.Mainly target: cockroaches, ants, termites
  2. Spray Pest Control Services:

    Inject the insecticide into the sprayer and make it spray out in the form of water mist, covering the entire space to kill the pests.Mainly for: mosquitoes, flies, flea and psyllids, etc.
  3. Bait-type pest control services:

    After the contagious pharmacy is cast in the place where the pests appear to lure the bookworms to eat the bait, the pests are killed by the cross-infection of the poison itself.Main target: cockroaches, ants, mice

The range of pest we can control for you

Bed bugs/Psyllids

Pest Control Service – Our pest control specialists will use multiple psyllid eradication methods at the same time to solve the psyllid problem: including spray control, high-continuity special powder for psyllid killing and high-temperature steam to kill psyllid, Dr.Clean your Psyllids natural enemies


Termite extermination service – The signs of termites are difficult to find among many pests, because they generally grow and move at the bottom of wooden furniture. If you have suspected signs of termites in your home, you should contact a professional household pest control company as soon as possible. Check and control to prevent termites from getting worse


Hive Treatment Services – Being stung by wasps, wasps, bumblebees and bees is a very painful thing, and there is a chance of allergic reactions and even life-threatening. Dr.Clean’s hive treatment specialists are familiar with the habits of bees/wasps. If you are looking for a pest control company for hive treatment, we are definitely your first choice


The service of extermination of jumping lice – generally exists in the pet’s family. The fleas and psyllids are very large, and the fleas are much easier and easier to treat than the psyllids. In addition to the process of killing the fleas, you must thoroughly wash the pet supplies and pets multi-pronged approach


Ant Extermination Service – Ants are a kind of insects with strong survivability and very smart. Fortunately, ordinary household ants do not transmit harmful bacteria to people, but they also have the opportunity to bite people and contaminate food. Ant extermination is better than other insect extermination services. The difficulty is low, Dr.Clean’s ant extermination solution can definitely solve the troubles of ants and insect pests for you.


Fly Control Service – Although flies will not bite people, they will bring a variety of harmful bacteria to people. Generally, flies enter from outside. Flying insect trapping lights (black fly lights) are a very efficient method. Dr. .Clean has installed black fly lights for many commercial customers, and the pest control service is well recognized by customers


Carbaria extermination service – Hong Kong’s weather is hot and humid, which is very suitable for carnivore breeding. Our pest control company specialists handle more than 40 cases of carnauba extermination every month. Company to deal with the problem of cockroaches, Dr.Clean is your recommended pest control company


Rodent Control Service – There are rats in the housing enterprise? What are the ways to catch rats? Hong Kong’s rodent problem is becoming more and more serious, and there are a lot of rats entering the house at the beginning. It is difficult to use rat poison by yourself. The mouse solution can effectively solve the trouble of catching mice for you

-Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Service – Mosquitoes are an opportunity to transmit viruses. Dengue fever, malaria, Japanese encephalitis and Zika virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes. Mosquito bites can cause itching, redness and swelling, which is very annoying. We have a variety of mosquito control solutions that can effectively help you solve mosquito problems.

Home pest control service / pest control company good side / pest control company recommendation ?

Are you still looking for Commercial Pest Control and Household Pest Control? Which Commercial Pest Control or Household Pest Control is the best of Hong Kong./ Would you like to recommend any pest control for me?

Dr.Clean Limited, which is a Hong Kong pest control company, has been serving in Hong Kong for many years and the first choice for many customers. We use certified Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, and have no direct harm to humans and pets.

The specialists of “Dr.Clean Limited” have undergone a series of professional training in commercial and household pest control techniques, and familiar with the habits and control methods of various pest species, can effectively deal with customers’ problems: Psyllid control / Bed bugs, springhoppers, cockroaches, termites, rodents, ants, beehive treatment, mosquitoes, mud and beetles/silver fish.

Dr.Clean Limited specialists handle up to 100 household pest control cases every month. We adopt safe, long-term and targeted killing and treatment according to the species of pests. Dr.Clean adopts The medicaments and prevention methods are in line with the legal requirements of our profession and have been recognized by organization.

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